Air Jordans in Pakistan – Price & Availability

Air Jordans in Pakistan – Price & Availability

Ever since their debut in 1985, the word ‘Jordan’ has been associated with class and elegance in the footwear world. Even today, Nike’s Air Jordans in Pakistan are highly coveted by youngsters for casual wear and seasoned athletes for their workout sessions.

In this blog, we’ll take you down memory lane and explain what makes the Air Jordans so revered in Pakistan, its prices, and where you can get your hands on them. So, without any further delays, let’s dive into it.

What Makes the Air Jordans… the Air Jordans?

The Air Jordans were designed by Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore for Nike, which was produced specifically for the basketball legend Michael Jordan himself when he was with the Chicago Bulls. The Jordans were immediately a massive hit with the fans of Michael Jordan and wearers alike, thanks to their minimalistic design, superior comfort, and quality. Since their release, the Jordans’ popularity has only increased, marking them as a classic piece in the footwear manufacturing industry.

These same Air Jordans by Nike have made their way into the Pakistani fashion landscape, a side effect of which is that they’re in shortage in the market. The Jordans bring with them a sense of decades of cultural heritage that makes the wearer feel and experience the best that Nike and the footwear industry have to offer.

Why You Need Air Jordans to Complete Your Wardrobe Collection

The Air Jordans are a hallmark of the best the footwear industry has to offer, as they are not only perfect for everyday casual wear but also excel in providing comfort and durability for sportswear. And that’s not even the best part! Their minimalistic design goes with all forms of attire, casual or formal, making them the one shoe that fits all in a literal sense.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Air Jordans today through Oh Pair!

How Much Do the Air Jordans Cost & Where to Buy Them?

The Air Jordans have been in shortage in the Pakistani market due to their immense popularity, and therefore, are quite expensive in the open market. That’s where Oh Pair! comes in! We believe that everyone should get the chance to experience what the Air Jordans have to offer, and therefore, we’re adamant about providing the best quality footwear to the Pakistani people.

As for the price of Air Jordans in Pakistan, they can range anywhere from Rs.5,000 to Rs.15,000 at Oh Pair! where we ensure that every unit is delivered to the buyer in pristine condition and at affordable rates.

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